lunar cycle

May Moon – Self Care… Again

I’m about six days late in setting my intentions for the new moon, but no matter. I knew I’d be doing self care again anyways. Last month’s self care theme did not go well. I got really sick in the middle.

But the May moon’s going to be a little less about warm and fuzzy and a little more about setting boundaries with myself. See, I thought I could fit self care in the margins of my schedule, but it turns out it takes time – and I’m worth that time.

So, here are some things I’m doing to make self care less of a margin thing and more of a priority.


1. Investing in a paper system that lets me track my time.

Last month, I’d try to fit self care around other tasks, but mostly…I just didn’t get to it, at least until I got so sick I didn’t have time for anything else. So I’m looking for a new system to help me track my time and block out enough to really take care of myself.

I’ve been trying the bullet journal, but it doesn’t quite work for me because I can’t get a visual of how I spend my time, how much time a task takes, or where I’m going to fit it in. I know from experience I don’t really use electronic calendars, so I’m looking for a new paper system. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


2. Calling in the professionals.

I’ve been putting off making appointments with… anyone really. Counselors, readers, massage therapists, even the damn dentist. Part of it is a time thing, a lot of it is a money thing, and a little of it is just natural resistance to dealing with my shit. But the shit’s piling up, so I’m committing to making two appointments this month – and then actually going to them.


3. Radical body love.

I’m committing to eating three square meals a day, drinking 60 ounces of water, taking a walk outside and/or doing yoga, and being in bed by 9 p.m. Those are the non-negotiables. If I can fit in extra exercise, aromatherapy, or extra sleep, that’d be super.


4. Reducing the time-suckers: social media and Netflix.

Social media and Netflix are great, but A. they take a lot of time and B. they sort of suck the creative life out of me. I don’t know how it works, but I know the more I’m on Facebook, the less focused I am off of Facebook. So I’m limiting Facebook time to 15 minutes a day and Netflix to my days off.


So what about you? Do you have non-negotiable self care guidelines? What do you do that makes you feel supported in the rest of your life?


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