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The Power of Play

When I set a life theme at the new moon, I go back around the full moon (which was yesterday) to see how it’s coming along. This moon’s theme was play.

I thought I’d have a good break before getting back to serious work with the April moon, but that hasn’t been the case. In fact, this is what I’ve found:

Play is powerful. Play gets shit done.

Turns out Playful Self doesn’t understand risk management, like, at all, so it can’t be the boss of everything. But in not understanding risk, it leaves you open to answer the question, what if?

What if? Super simple. Super powerful. (Neil Gaiman’s based a career on it, and he’s pretty rad, so it must be legit.)

What if I were exactly who I wanted to be? What would my life look like? What would I be doing? How would I take care of myself? How would I take care of my people?

What if I could make up my own job? What would my job description be?

What if I could go anywhere? Where would I be right now?

What if I had everything I needed to do those things? What would I add to my life? Or take away?

Play isn’t just interested in imagining – it wants act.

After imagining some of the answers to these questions, Playful Self was like, “Well, this wouldn’t be too hard to do,” and just did it. No understanding of risk management, remember?

And no good handle on fear either. Letting go of fear, even for just a little while, feels phenomenal and has been a powerful agent of change.

In fact, it’s only been two weeks and I feel a little bowled over with all the changes that have been made which, for now, will stay private.

But I’d encourage you to start asking the question yourself – what if?

(Need a little guidance? I found this adorable Life Goals Workbook really helpful. Not an affiliate, by the way.)


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