lunar cycle

Intentions for the February New Moon

I organize my life loosely around the lunar cycle. I figure, if it’s going to affect my mood and energy, why not work with it?

On the new moon I set intentions for the next 28 days. They’re not so much quantifiable goals as a general direction or focus area. This is usually a time of easy emotions and quiet energy, so I can think more clearly.

As the lunar month ramps up to the full moon, I usually have more energy – this is when most of the work gets done. Then, as the moon wanes, I wrap things up, evaluate where I am and how successful my focus has been, and pick intentions on the next new moon.

My intentions this February new moon are about body and home – more specifically, about setting my physical surroundings in order. I came out of a time of deep internal work to find my apartment in need of a spring cleaning and my body in need of some serious self care.

So I booked an appointment at a salon, requested a few days off of work to clean the house, and bought better groceries.

The results so far? Well, the house is still a mess (my cleaning days are later this week), but I can actually show my hair in public and I dropped five pounds seemingly overnight. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes.

What about you? Where is your general focus this month? Any goals you’re working on?


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