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What nourishes you?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot. I used to ask what’s the right decision? But there are so many questions that don’t necessarily have a right answer.

By asking myself what is nourishing, I can find the better, the kinder answer even if there isn’t a right answer.

Here are some questions you could use to figure out what’s nourishing in your own life.

1. Food.

What foods make you feel energized? How much food makes you feel satisfied? How are your food choices affecting the environment around you?

What this looks like in my life: Less sugar. Less alcohol. Less food in general. More tea. More vegetarian meals.

2. Exercise.

What activities give you energy? Or, what activities quiet your spirit? Is what you’re doing going to sustain your health through the next twenty years or is it just an attempt to beat your body into shape as quickly as possible?

What this looks like in my life: Cancelling the gym membership. More yoga. More walks in the woods.

3. Social life.

Do the people you spend time with uplift you? Are you uplifting to them? Are you able to talk about things that challenge and move you forward or are your conversations frequently just complaints about work, spouses, etc.? Is there a good balance of give and take?

What this looks like in my life: Less letting social events fall into my lap. More intentionally planning time with people who help me grow and who are growing themselves.

4. Time management.

Is your time devoted to things that are urgent, or the things that are truly important to you? Are you able to say no? Is there time for yourself in your schedule?

What this looks like in my life: Less tv. Less Facebook. More time for creative work. More novels. Oddly, more time cooking, because my husband and I connect over shared dinner.

So what nourishes you? What activities and people add more life to your life?


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