Success Is

Success is: Nurturing Dreams for the Future

This is something I’m good at guys. I had to learn, really slowly, how to be content in the here and now, but this dreaming business? I am all over that.

I saved this post for last in this series because I think a successful life can only be lived in the now. But it’s a lot easier to like the now if you planned ahead.

Here’s what dreaming looks like in the Finley household:

1. We get to know ourselves, each other, and what we really want out of life.

Not what we should want, or what people tell us is possible, or what our peers are doing. What we really want. Deep down in our souls. This actually takes more time and work than you’d think.

Then, depending on whether the goal is personal or something we’re working towards together, we talk about it and listen to each other.

2. We believe what we want is attainable.

This also takes more time and work than you’d think because society has such a scripted idea of what your life should look like. It takes a lot of critical thinking to move past the script of all the things you can’t do, for some reason or another.

3. We make plans.

They don’t always work out, but we do have a month-to-month plan to get where we’re going. If we’re not keeping up with the plan, we either change our lifestyle or change the plan.

4. We wait.

We’re going to meet our goals. But not tomorrow. Or next year. Or the year after that. In between the dreaming there’s a lot of settling down to do the work.

5. We keep open minds and open hands.

Plans change because circumstances and people change. And that’s ok. The plans we had for our future at the beginning of our marriage were less in tune with who we are and what we want. It wasn’t that they were bad. They just don’t fit us anymore.

What are your dreams for the future? How have they changed as you’ve gotten older?


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Nurturing Dreams for the Future


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