Success Is

Success is: A Balanced, Fulfilling Work Life

I work at Starbucks. I love my job. I love my coworkers. (My coworkers are, in fact, better than your coworkers, and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.)

But when I go home, I don’t think about work.

Part of being successful, to me, is a balanced, fulfilling work life. Here are some ideas I have about work:

1. Work should be engaging.

This can mean different things to different people, but to me it means I’m on my feet and have problems to solve. Pretty simple.

I work as a shift manager at one of the busiest stores in the state. If you don’t move quickly, you don’t survive, and just the sheer volume of business brings new problems every hour. Equipment breaks. People have conflicts.

It is, in other words, perfect for me right now.

2. Work should be fulfilling.

All the problems I deal with in a day really boil down to one job: I take care of my baristas. It’s their job to take care of the customers, and they can’t do that unless I’m doing my job and taking care of them.

Taking care of these people I like and respect, making their shift as successful as possible, is fulfilling to me.

3. The work environment should be nurturing.

In my work, I feel cared about, supported, and heard. If I tell my managers I need something, they do everything in their power to give it to me. I try to do the same for those under my management. This is just good business sense.

4. Work should have limits.

I’m an hourly worker. When I leave Starbucks, I don’t think about Starbucks. It has taken some mental discipline to get to this point (“Are you at work? No? Then stop thinking about work.”), but, frankly, I have other shit to do. And I can’t be fully present at work unless I take care of the rest of my life.


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