Success Is

Success is…

To a lot of people, my life looks like a failure.

I have a bachelor’s degree, but I work at Starbucks (which is even worse than not having a degree and working at Starbucks). We still live in an apartment, in a not-so-great part of town. We haven’t started a family. I frequently wear Goodwill clothing and I drive a rusted Honda that’s almost as old as I am.

But by my standards, I am wildly successful. Wildly – I own that shit.

It’s not that there aren’t things I still want out of life. It’s just that I’m happy. Content. Satisfied.

Five years ago, I wanted an important career, a marriage that looked like the ones in the marriage how-to books (Who on earth even writes those? Are they human?), three kids, a house, and nice car. And to be skinny, because what the hell does life even mean if you’re not skinny?

My circumstances haven’t changed, but I have. The way I measure success is completely different. The things that used to be important to me just aren’t anymore.

As the New Year rolls around, I won’t be making resolutions. Instead, I’m taking some time to examine what’s important to me, what makes my life fulfilling.

Over twelve posts, I’ll be sharing twelve things that make up a successful life. For me. Right now. This looks different for everyone, and it changes as we age.

Along the way I’d love to know: what does a successful life look like to you? How has it changed over time?


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Success is…

Knowing My Priorities

Directing How My Time is Spent

Making My Creative Life a Priority

Investing in My Spouse

A Balanced, Fulfilling Work Life

Knowing Myself

Constantly Learning

Managing Money Well

Good Family Relationships

Pursuing Spiritual Meaning

Practicing Gratitude

Nurturing Dreams for the Future


16 thoughts on “Success is…

  1. Trish, I’m excited to read the rest of this. 2015 was….well….something I’m glad to be rid of. I love your focus here. My version of a successful life is often very tied to appearances and approval, which nearly always let me down! Meaning-of course- that I’ve got my priorities and expectations askew. Ready to learn from you!

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