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Soul Work

I am in a time of deep soul work.

I used to call it “being emotional”, “being crazy”, “being in a funk”. My dreams, and the revelations they could bring, scared me, so I ignored them. In fact I did anything I could to avoid facing myself, engaged in any distraction.

But now I understand it for what it is: a time of shifting, moving, growing. A time of tilling, planting, pruning in the psyche.

Everyone goes through soul work. Sometimes it’s brought about by external circumstances – a new phase in life, new surroundings, a change in how you relate to the important people in your life.

Sometimes the work is undertaken because of internal stimuli. It’s just time to let go of bits of yourself that no longer serve you, and build better parts instead. Or maybe you need a new understanding of yourself or your God.

Change is a part of the human experience, so finding new ways to engage with our spiritual selves is necessary.

This work can happen deep in the psyche, often so deep we’re not aware of the details – just that things are shifting. Often our outward reactions seem so disproportionate (like crying inconsolably for seemingly no reason) that we just label ourselves as “crazy” which, besides being incredibly disrespectful of those with mental illness, causes us to disregard our own experience.

Soul work will go on whether you help or hinder it. But I wanted to share with you first some signs that I see when I’m going into this type of work, and then some practices I’ve been using to help it along and make it fulfilling instead of defeating.

I’m not a psychoanalyst. What I’m writing is only my experience, but I think it’s a common experience that we just don’t talk much about because it “doesn’t make sense”.

This time, instead of dismissing it, I’m embracing it, nonsense and all.


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