Nice vs. Kind

Nice won’t say anything about the leftover lunch in your teeth. Kind points it out discreetly.

Nice lets a friendship die for fear of conflict. Kind sits you down to talk.

Nice says what’s socially appropriate in the moment. Kind behaves the same way regardless of the social setting.

Nice’s motivations revolve around how others perceive them. Kind is driven by helping others.

Nice would never mention your grief, financial hardship, or addiction. Kind will wade right into that shit with you.

Nice knows how to respond appropriately. Kind knows how to listen.

Nice can only go so deep. Kind lives in the ocean.

Nice does not have the vocabulary to deal with endings. Kind knows death is a necessary part of the cycle of rebirth.

Nice was born out of fear. Kind was born out of shared suffering.

Nice turns away from the ugly parts of the human experience. Kind interrupts everything to cry out against injustice.

Nice tells you what you want to hear. Kind tells the truth.

Nice is easy to forget. Kind can change your life.


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