How to not lose your mind around the full moon.

The full moon affects people. If you don’t believe me, you’ve probably never worked in retail or with children. Emotions run high, sleep is hard to come by, and people get a little irrational.

(This last moon a lady called my Starbucks store to inform us that the sales tax we were charging was too high – as if her barista could somehow change that for her.)

But I think it is possible to have an emotionally productive week around the full moon instead of just hiding from people whenever possible. Those feelings are coming up for a reason. Here’s some steps I’ve found helpful:

1. Know it’s coming. Google calendar has a lunar function you can add, or you can just look up a lunar calendar on the internet. People usually start getting emotional a few days before the actual full moon.

2. Have a spiritual practice in place, or some sort of routine that grounds you so you’re not flying into this time of the month with no reserves in the tank.

3. Take a step back when you get emotional to see if the situation warrants the reaction you’re having. I can have some wildly disproportionate emotional reactions around the full moon. I have to realize that not everything I’m feeling is reality.

(One full moon my husband had to escort me out of a bookstore because I was yelling about the blatant misogyny of women’s magazines. I’m not allowed in the magazine section anymore – my rule, not his.)

4. Ask yourself why you feel this way. Those feelings do originate somewhere legitimate, even if they’re currently blown out of proportion. Follow them back to their source so you can deal with them productively.

5. Experience the emotion in a safe place. Just because you realize your emotional reaction is disproportionate doesn’t mean it just goes away. Lift some weights, write in a journal, or have a good cry.

6. Once you’ve calmed down and sorted out your feelings, decide how to proceed. Sometimes a relationship needs work. Sometimes you just need to figure out a way to let something go.

This past moon my husband did something incredibly innocuous and I got so angry about it. (I’m not even going to tell you what he did because it would make me look so stupid.) But instead of reacting, I reflected on where these feelings were coming from.

I traced the anger back to a fear which originated from an incident months ago. I was in a difficult emotional place and I felt like my husband wasn’t on my side – even though he was there for me the whole time.

I realized my perception of what happened was not reality. Still, later when I had calmed down I said, “Hey husband. Sometimes I feel afraid that you’re not on my side. Are you on my side?”

“Duh,” he replied. “How else is this marriage going to work?”

Boom. Done. Many months of inner turmoil brought into the open, dealt with, and put to rest. There was minimal drama, and no one got hurt.

I hope all our full moons are that productive.


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