We Are the People of the God Who Sees

This is my declaration to the Watcher in the Dark, the Predator of the Soul:


We are the people of the God Who Sees.

We bear witness to the terror and despair of displaced peoples; to the pain, rape, and death of those who did not escape. We see the tiny lives lost, the million girl babies never born, the million girl children never grown up. We see the mothers in labor, the fathers in slavery. We see the broken systems leftover from our ancestors’ legacy of colonization.

We bear witness to the immigrants crossing our borders; the mothers, the children with dusty feet who walked a thousand miles to flee the violence of their homes. We see the attempted erasure of indigenous peoples from our policies, our lands, our histories, our hearts.

We bear witness to the othering of those who are not straight, cis, able bodied, young, educated, white, middle class, of sound mind. We see trans people isolated and killed, the mentally ill left to wander the streets. We see the continued oppression of people of color, and the hardheartedness of our neighbors when called to account for these actions.

You want us to be afraid, but we will not. Perfect love casts out fear.

You want us to hold on to our privilege, but we will not. There is no class, race, or gender in the Kingdom.

You want us to close our eyes so our hearts don’t crack open every day with the morning news, but we will not.

We are the people of the God Who Sees.

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,”

Hagar, a slave woman, when pregnant and alone in the desert


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