The Kingdom and The Patriarchy

Before I was a feminist, I was angry, anti-religion, anti-god. But every day for about a year, the phrase thy kingdom come would run through my brain, like a blip in my consciousness. It’s part of the Lord’s Prayer, so I’d said it hundreds of times growing up, but I didn’t know what it meant, and I didn’t know why it kept inserting itself into my thoughts.

I wasn’t praying other than sending up an occasional “fuck you” just so God knew where we stood. Every time, the answer was thy kingdom come.

If you know what it’s like when God is talking to you, you also know that he does. not. shut. up. So one day instead of the typical “fuck you” I sent back an eloquent prayer I tend to use a lot:


The answer to that prayer unfolded over the next couple years, and it didn’t lead me back to the church or religion. (We got there eventually.) First, it led me straight to feminism.

Why is that?

Feminism is a movement the opposes the patriarchy. The patriarchy is the system of relating to one another we created after we rejected God’s system of mutual submission, service, humility, unity, and love.

We call God’s system of relating to one another The Kingdom. As far as I understand it, The Kingdom isn’t about space or time, but about building relationships in which we’re all equally valuable under God.

In contrast, the patriarchy is about domination over one another. Male over female, white over dark skin, straight over gay, rich over poor, able bodied over disabled, citizen over immigrant – these are all tenants of the patriarchy, which means it is in direct opposition to The Kingdom.

So if you pray the Lord’s Prayer, congratulations! You’re a feminist – or at least you stand for the same things as we do.

Because another (not recommended in church) way to say thy kingdom come is fuck the patriarchy.


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