Links to Stay Informed on the Social Justice Movement

Hey there! You look like a caring, socially conscious individual. I have links for you!

There are normally two reactions when I bring up racial or gender inequality at a perfectly good, not-awkward-up-to-that-point social gathering. The first is Yes! That! Let’s talk about that! I want to know more. The second is …Why you be so crazy? Where is this even coming from?

People in the first group have asked me where I get my information. People in the second group usually don’t know about the wealth of first hand accounts available via social media.

So I’ve gathered a list of sources I use regularly to stay informed. Mostly I just “like” Facebook pages so when I log into my account I get a digest of what’s going on that day. I also follow a few Twitter accounts of people on the forefront of the racial justice movement.

If you have any other links for me, please leave them in the comments!

Facebook Pages

NPR – I’m white and liberal. It’s pretty much required that I love the shit out of NPR. Racial conflicts, interviews, other cool news to make you sound smart at parties.

Feministing – Women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, racial conflict, some immigrant and native news. Their “Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet” will give you a five minute social justice update with links if you want to know more.

Miss Representation – A followup to the 2011 Miss Representation documentary. Mostly women’s rights. Challenges current media portrayal of women.

Made in a Free World – News on the global slave trade, which companies employ slave labor, and how you can help.

Nicholas Kristof – New York Times reporter and one of the authors of Half the Sky, a book on women’s rights around the world. Covers wide range of topics – very passionate about ending human suffering at home and abroad.

Amnesty International USA – Covers human rights abuses at home and abroad. Have been especially interested in treatment of immigrants and use of deadly force by police.

Everyday Feminism – Covers pretty much everything. A primer on how to not be a privileged asshole.

Crunk Feminist Collective – A group of incredibly well educated black women talking about what being black and female means in our culture. One of my favorite pages.

Twitter Accounts

Bree Newsome – You know her as the woman who took down the Confederate Flag in front of the South Carolina Statehouse, but she’s a longtime supporter of black civil rights and an eloquent writer.

Johnetta Elzie – Tweets full-time about racial conflict. I heard about her from the New York Times. One of the first on the ground in Ferguson.

Deray Mckesson – Also Tweets full-time about racial conflict. At the forefront of the movement. You want to know where the next demonstration is, follow Deray.

Also – Documentaries!

Miss Representation – 2011. Available on Netflix. Examines media representation of women.

Half the Sky – 2012. Available on Netflix. Followup to the 2010 book of the same name. Looks at violations of women’s rights around the world, what women are doing to elevate themselves in their native countries, and what you can do to help.

Reel Injun – 2009. Available on Netflix. Explores how Native Americans have been historically portrayed in film – how this effects their views of themselves and how the culture at large subsequently sees them. Directed by a Cree filmmaker.

The Central Park FIve – 2012. Available on Netflix. Uses the story of three teenagers wrongly convicted of a rape in 1989 to examine how racism infects every level of our culture and justice system.


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